Thursday, 13 October 2016

High Level Sugar Level Chart

High blood glucose levels can contribute to the formation of fatty deposits in blood vessel walls. Over time, that can restrict blood flow and increase the risk of hardening of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis).Lack of blood flow can affect your hands and feet. Poor circulation can cause pain in the calves while you’re walking (intermittent claudication). People with diabetes are particularly prone to foot problems due to narrowed blood vessels in the leg and foot. Your feet may feel cold, and you may be unable to feel heat due to lack of sensation. A condition called diabetic neuropathy causes decreased sensation in the extremities, which may prevent you from noticing an injury or infection. Diabetes increases your risk of developing infections or ulcers of the foot. Poor blood flow and nerve damage increase the likelihood of having a foot or leg amputated. If you have diabetes, it is critical that you take good care of your feet and inspect them often.

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High Blood Pressure Sugar Level Chart :

Diabetes raises your risk of developing high blood pressure, putting strain on the heart. According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, people with diabetes have double the risk of heart disease or stroke than people without diabetes. Monitoring and controlling your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol can lower that risk. So can good eating habits and exercise.

Diabetes can affect your skin. Lack of moisture can cause the skin on your feet to dry and crack. It is important to completely dry your feet after bathing or swimming. You can use petroleum jelly or gentle creams, but be careful: creams or oils left between your toes can become so moist that it can lead to infection.High-pressure spots under your foot can lead to calluses. If you don’t take good care of them, they can become infected or develop ulcers. If you get an ulcer, see your doctor immediately to lower your risk of losing your foot.
You may also be more prone to boils, infection of the hair follicles (folliculitis), sties, and infected nails. People with diabetes have a higher incidence of bacterial infections, including staph (Staphylococcus), than the general population.

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Moist, warm folds in the skin are susceptible to fungal or yeast infections. You’re most likely to develop this type of infection between fingers and toes, the groin, armpits, or in the corners of your mouth. Symptoms include redness, blistering, and itchiness.A condition called diabetic dermopathy can cause brown

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patches on the skin. There’s no cause for concern and no treatment is necessary. Eruptive xanthomatosis causes hard yellow bumps with a red ring. Digital sclerosis causes thick skin, most often on the hands or feet. Both of these skin conditions are signs of unmanaged diabetes. They usually clear up when you get your blood sugar under control.


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